What it is

Factoria is an NFT contract factory made up of two parts:
1. Decentralized Backend (Smart Contract):
A flexible Ethereum smart contract that implements ERC721 NFTs, allowing various powerful features such as invite system, configuration, and more, which used to be only possible if you know how to code. Now anyone can do this through the web interface.
2. Decentralized Frontend (Static Website):
The browser based app that lets you manage NFTs WITHOUT relying on a server or a 3rd party.

Where is everything stored?

1. Before publish => In your browser local storage
Before publishing, all your files are privately stored on your local browser storage (Powered by IndexedDB and Service Worker). There is no centralized server or cloud that can steal your files.
3. After publish => IPFS + Blockchain
Once you publish, everything is publicly stored on IPFS and Ethereum. This means you can immediately build decentralized web apps without relying on any centralized APIs.

Realtime Cost Calculator

The following table is what it would cost to run each action on Ethereum Mainnet, right now.